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My name is Isabela Lugo, I am 15 years old. I have just published my first book, Illusions of the Desert. My intention in writing the book is to convey life-lessons to young people, in an entertaining, interesting, and compelling way. I intend to inspire in any form that may take. Along with the morals and ethics of my book, I also intend to take my readers on an entertaining journey. I have read so many books and stories growing up, and I love how writing can transport readers to other worlds. A turning point in my life as a reader/writer, was when my Mom and I walked into a $1 book store, I was about 9 years old. She picked up this big, thick, blue book, I was very discouraged by its size and small type, being a 3rd grader. The book was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the 5th book in the series. She insisted on buying it for me, as she knew Harry Potter was a must-read. Anyways, a few weeks later I picked up the book and started reading it for the first time. After a couple chapters I was completely immersed in the fantasy world. I couldn’t take my eyes away, but I realized that I needed to start from the first book. I spent the next few months completely lost in all of the stories. Harry Potter changed my life in the sense that I was introduced to the power of reading. I knew I wanted to write up a fictional world of my own one day.

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Illusions of the Desert